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The Beginning

Today’s the day: my first for real meeting with the Conservative rabbi. I’m sitting in the campus cafeteria eating Rice Krispies now, but in an hour I will be approaching the synagogue, waiting in the rabbi’s office, and finally making my first real steps toward converting to Judaism. When I woke up this morning, the […]

Critical Bus Fail

You know how I had a meeting with the Conservative rabbi last Tuesday? And I was really excited about it and also kind of terrified? And I was going to get there by bus like a real live grown-up? Yeah, that didn’t happen. So first of all, Google Maps sent me to a westbound Rapid […]

Something something convert something

I’m sleepy because it’s Wednesday and I just ate too much junk food, but I am writing anyway, because that’s how much I love you, Internet. I have an actual official meeting with a rabbi now and everything. There’s even a time! And a place! And the time is next Tuesday at 11 AM and […]