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Critical Bus Fail

You know how I had a meeting with the Conservative rabbi last Tuesday? And I was really excited about it and also kind of terrified? And I was going to get there by bus like a real live grown-up?

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

So first of all, Google Maps sent me to a westbound Rapid stop when I needed the eastbound rapid. Then once I had managed to outrun a train, like the motherfucking Flash or something, and get on it and ride it all the way to the correct stop without incident, I found that the bus stop I needed after the Rapid was a needlessly obtuse roundabout sort of guy. I do not like.

I was running early at that point, because again, I was totally going to be a grown-up and take the bus all by my damn self  without even an internet connection to depend on and to do that I obviously needed to leave for every step of the journey at least 15 minutes before Google Maps told me to arrive. The bus stop was oddly secluded, and there were enough people there that there was no room on the bench, and I sat awkwardly downwind of a trash can until finally, finally the 49 showed.

Which would have been great, if I had remembered which direction it was supposed to be going.

So yeah, the moral of the story is, I spent the time I was supposed to be meeting with the rabbi getting lost in my city’s labyrinthine bus system and winding up many miles north of anywhere resembling where I was supposed to be. But I rescheduled for tomorrow so… there’s that at least.


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