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Angst, woe, and dim sum

A combination of an awkward conversation with the boyfriend and a paper I wrote for Jewish-American Literature class have sparked some doubts about the conversion process for me today. Ty was over briefly visiting while I sniffled into a Kleenex box, and on his way out he made some remark about the Shabbat thing at […]

Chanukah for the invalids

So as soon as my concussion healed I wound up with a killer cold. Have I told the I Got a Concussion while Belly Dancing story? No? Okay, fine, I’ll tell it, but only because you asked so nicely. I was practicing sword dancing–that it, belly dancing with a sword balanced on my head. Or […]

The perils of converting in your hometown

I just remembered that several people I went to high school with go to the Reconstructionist shul whose rabbi I just met. This would not be an issue if it were as large as the Conservative one I’ve been attending, but the Reconstructionist congregation is around 100 families, with only about 30 people showing up […]

A Very Large Vocabulary

So I had a meeting with yet another rabbi today–this time a Reconstructionist one. He’s the one Ty and Pastor Joe both recommended to me in the first place (Pastor Joe being everyone’s favorite wheelchair-sporting, kung fu practicing, mantra chanting, Lutheran minister, for those who are not intimately familiar with my life). I of course […]

It’s the Most Obnoxious Time of the Year

I’m fine with Christmas. I really am. I like the idea of any midwinter festival involving lots of lights and warm food, because screw you, Seasonal Affective Disorder. I like sitting in my father’s pretentious living room eating pretentious hors d’oeuvres made by my stepmother while her not at all pretentious family sits on the […]