A Very Large Vocabulary

So I had a meeting with yet another rabbi today–this time a Reconstructionist one. He’s the one Ty and Pastor Joe both recommended to me in the first place (Pastor Joe being everyone’s favorite wheelchair-sporting, kung fu practicing, mantra chanting, Lutheran minister, for those who are not intimately familiar with my life).

I of course continued the trend of critical transportation fail on rabbi meeting days. This time, I decided it would be a good idea to walk Ty to work and then take the bus down to the coffee shop on campus where I was meeting said rabbi, of course without checking the time table or remembering to wear socks. Oh Lord, how I missed my socks. You have never seen blisters like the blisters I got after the hour long walk in the rain.

Fortunately on returning to campus, changing my clothes, and calling the rabbi in an ALL OUT PANIC because I thought I was FIFTEEN MINUTES LATE OH GOD HOW COULD I SURVIVE THE EMBARASSMENT, it turned out that our meeting was at quarter to 11, not quarter after 10. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I CAN tell time.

As I arrived at the coffee shop, I remembered that it was the sole coffee shop in existence that takes only cash, no checks or credit (thus leading me to believe that it’s a front for some sort of elicit drug operation, but whatever, it’s still better than Starbucks) and I had a grand total of 95 cents in  my pocket, which is not even enough for a freaking cup of coffee anymore, apparently. Damn recession. However, the father of someone who someone else once cheated on me with happened to be there, and he lent me enough for a cup of delicious jasmine tea.

It’s…. a long story.

The rabbi got there a couple minutes late and apologized profusely, which I had to prevent myself given what happened last time I tried to meet a rabbi on time. Then I launched into the great long story of how I decided to convert, which I have finally condensed into a relatively short version that doesn’t make me feel like I’m reciting War and Peace. He nodded and smiled and seemed genuinely interested. He even remembered who Ty was, and even where he lived when he was a child, since apparently the house they’re holding shabbat services at on the 24th is a block away from Ty’s childhood home. It’s the house of someone I met through Ty’s mom actually.

Judaism in general has been making me feel way more like part of a community recently, but that sheer amount of Jewish coincidences in one morning really took the cake.

The Reconstructionist rabbi described basically the same process as the Conservative rabbi, and even indicated that he would be happy to sort of co-sponsor me with a Conservative rabbi if I haven’t decided between the movements by the time the conversion class starts up again in February or March.

You guys, I REALLY liked this rabbi. He used words like “psycho-social” and called my last name “vaguely Hebraic, maybe you should look into that.” It was AWESOME.

So yeah, all in all it went pretty awesome. I’m going to switch back and forth between Conservative and Reconstructionist shul for a few weeks and then… we’ll see how it goes, I guess. Should be no problem. My life seems to be going pretty awesome except, you know, finals.

Now excuse me while I pull an all-nighter in order to turn in three papers by noon tomorrow…


2 comments on “A Very Large Vocabulary

  1. I wanted to work with two Rabbis for my conversion but one of them does not allow it. He believes you need to choose one. I think so it doesn’t cause confusion? I’m not sure. But at any rate, he wouldn’t do it.

    • I don’t know yet whether it will work out since I haven’t talked to the Conservative rabbi about it yet. But then again, I don’t even know if I’ll like Reconstructionism at all anyway… such a confusing world, this conversion process.

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