Canceled due to lack of interest

Well, not exactly fail. But the liberal conversion class that I finally decided to sign up for because I would really, really like to get this process moving? Canceled due to lack of interest! Yay! So that sucks. No spring ’12 conversion class for Cae (that’s me, in case I do not have it listed […]

Everything sucks forever

So the reason I haven’t replied to any comments in the past week and a half is that I gave my computer to the university’s IT services to have it fixed, which took a week and resulted in an entirely new hard drive and motherboard and all of my data lost, but hey, at least […]


I am tired. As I am also a second-year college student with two majors, a job, and around five hours of kung fu practice a week,┬áthis should not seem remarkable. But it’s more than simple fatigue. I’m tired, spiritually and mentally and emotionally. And I’m starting to have doubts. Converts are generally not strangers to […]

Surrogate Jewish mother

Things are kind of unhappy in my life right now, and I feel like because of that, I’ve let my religious life slip. Ty moved to Thailand, completely and unequivocally. He’ll be back in the summer, but it won’t be the same. I’m taking six classes, practicing kung fu, belly dancing, and working on the […]

In which I am not dead, but do have suspicious IV marks on my arms

So… hi. How are you? I’m still alive. Sorry to disappear. The past few weeks have been pretty ridiculous. First my computer broke, so that’s why I didn’t post after Christmas. Then my boyfriend left for Thailand and I spiraled into depression for about a day before deciding that was a stupid thing to be […]

Angst, woe, and dim sum

A combination of an awkward conversation with the boyfriend and a paper I wrote for Jewish-American Literature class have sparked some doubts about the conversion process for me today. Ty was over briefly visiting while I sniffled into a Kleenex box, and on his way out he made some remark about the Shabbat thing at […]

Chanukah for the invalids

So as soon as my concussion healed I wound up with a killer cold. Have I told the I Got a Concussion while Belly Dancing story? No? Okay, fine, I’ll tell it, but only because you asked so nicely. I was practicing sword dancing–that it, belly dancing with a sword balanced on my head. Or […]